Security Services

TSG’s signature capability is protective security service. The world is a dangerous place, even more so for, high profile government officials, business tycoons and politically sensitive personnel. Wherever you go, you can never operate to your full potential if you are constantly worried about your or your team’s safety. Thankfully, you do not have to. TSG’s signature capability is protective security service; with round-the-clock security and protection being our motto. We take pride in our ability to deploy the best trained and tested security personnel with the most advanced trainings and equipment available to safeguard our clients.

We provide locally and internationally trained close protection agents for governments, private and public individuals throughout the world. We collaborate with local agencies to assess potential threats, gather intelligence regarding potential threats, and deploy both visible and blended personnel for maximum security. Our leadership maintains close connections with security experts around the world, thereby giving us an edge when it comes to current world threats and preventative measures.

In the areas of safety and security, we do what others contemplate. We keep ourselves awake 24/7 so that you could go to bed at night to dream and then wake up the next morning to translate your dreams into reality for a better world.