About Us

Why TSG?

The rewards of partnering with TSG are many as our operation emerges on the core of high-end client based value we add. We work according to task-oriented solutions that are non-comparable in the industry. While working with all mentioned specialties that we carry, we never miss the sight on quality and ROI that our partners deserve.

Who We Are?

Headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia in United States, TSG is committed to providing best in the industry. TSG leadership has many years of experience in the industry that positions us to operate globally and execute the projects on time, on quality and within budget. We use best human, operational and technical resources that are available in the industry. We are always in look out for innovative and best resources that makes us leader among the peers.

Helping clients translate their optimum capacity into value-based action is what truly makes us stay in this business with pride. When their markets experience hostile environments, they come to us and we step in to help them. Mainly we specializes in serving commercial entities and government institutions, among others.

Where We Are?

Other than in the United States, we have our operational footprints in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India and Nepal. We are continuously expanding our presence in other continent as well.